Regarding the handling of personal information

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1.Range of use

In line with the privacy policy、guests' personal information is used for CITY HOTEL Airport in PRINCE's (referred to as "he hotel" below)services and products.

2. Objective of collecting personal information

Guests' personal information is used for the following purposes.

  1. Hotel lodging, banquets or conferences, creating restaurant reservations, for use in all of our services, as well as protecting guests safety.
  2. For all of the hotel’s offered services, products, events, and campaign information and management
  3. The hotel’s services and products, in particular collecting surveys
  4. For development of the hotel’s services and products
  5. All business relevant to accessories of the above mentioned 1.~4.
  6. Business related to the hotel’s services and products
  7. Provision of services, products, and all events and campaign information provided by the hotel
  8. Correspondence for enquiries and requests

3. Acquisition of personal information

The acquisition of guests' personal information is undertaken fairly and with reasonable measures.

4. Disclosure to third parties

The hotel does not disclose any personal information to any third party, unless any of the following applies. Furthermore, in the case of disclosure to a subcontractor, it is for fair use and is not considered disclosure to a third party.

  1. In the case of agreement by the guest themself
  2. Disclosure upon request based on legal grounds
  3. In necessary circumstances surrounding a guests life, body, property, assets, etc., with the concerned person’s agreement
  4. In cases where it is necessary for a country or local public entity etc. to cooperate in carrying out public affairs and there is a risk of interfering with the performance of the affairs by obtaining the consent of the customer
  1. Information collected for third parties
  2. Items of personal data collected for third parties
  3. Means of collection are via a third party
  4. To inform the third party that the guest has requested stopping the provision of personal data in response to their request to do so.
  5. When disclosing or providing statistical data etc. in a way so that the guest can not be identified
  6. As a part of the service to our guests, we will be required to identify the name of the guest upon receiving an inquiry about the presence or absence of lodgement at the hotel in the case of 1. services being booked orally over the phone or otherwise, confirmation that the guest is or isn’t in their room, or confirming the length of stay, and 2. In the case of an agency or similar dealing with things such as luggage. In the circumstance that we receive a request from the guest, any personal information supplied to third parties affected by the above mentioned will be stopped. If you wish for your information to not be supplied, at the time of booking, or check in/check out, please give notice to the person in charge.

5. Operations Outsourcing

As part of the hotel’s business, the hotel occasional entrusts outsourcers with personal information.In the case of this, the hotel will ensure appropriate supervision including contracts with subcontracters.

6. Management of personal information

For the purpose of preventing guests’ personal information being shared, leaked, lost, altered, etc., the hotel employs a service of maximum security. In regards to the protection of guests’ personal information and appropriate handling of information, all staff of the hotel undergo training. Also, in regards to personal information retention laws and the purpose of use, information is disposed of using appropriate methods after the length of time in line with such laws.

7. Application and changes to the privacy policy

Guests who make use of the hotel’s services and products acknowledge the contents of this privacy policy to adequate understanding. Guests have been informed about the treatment of guests’ personal information. Furthermore, the hotel retains the right to change the privacy policy at any time.